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          2018-09-12 10:29  

          《滲透》,一個由來自波蘭弗羅茨瓦夫美術學院(The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw )各個領域藝術家們所展現的非凡展覽。弗羅茨瓦夫美術學院是波蘭獨立設置的七所美術學院之一。

           ‘Permeation’ – an extraordinary mix of disciplines and artists associated with The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw – one of only seven academies of fine arts in Poland.



          The Wroclaw Academy in 2016 celebrated the 70th anniversary of its activity after WWII. However, its earlier history reaching the end of the 18th century is equally important for us – contemporary residents of Wroclaw. The artists associated with the Academy in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century created the architecture of Breaslau (after 1945 – Wroclaw), sumptuousness of its sculpture, painting and decorative arts.  Teaching directions and courses opened at the Academy after 1945, corresponded to the needs and traditions of the Lower Silesia. Thus the emphasis was put on Ceramics and Glass (design of industrial forms as well as artistic objects), which became the first faculty. The Painting and Sculpture Faculty was opened a little later, followed by the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design and The Faculty of Graphics and Media Art.



          The first two decades of XXI century mark a rapid development of the School, related to the expansion and modernisation of its infrastructure as well as internationalisation of study programmes, employees’  and students exchange and international presentations of artistic output in countries like:   Germany, France, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Israel, Morocco, China  (Tianjin, Pekin).


          舉辦過的展覽被國際藝術評論家廣泛宣傳和評論。同樣受歡迎的還有由學院組織的久負盛名的長期活動-弗羅茨瓦夫繪畫三年展、Eugeniusz Geppert競賽、高溫文化節和最佳媒體藝術畢業項目競賽。

          These exhibitions were widely publicised and commented on by international art critics. Similarly popular are prestigious, long standing events organised by the Academy – Wroclaw Triennale of Drawing, Eugeniusz Geppert Competition, Festival of High Temperatures or Best Media Art Graduation Projects Competition.  


          從1991年開始,學院出版季刊——《格式》。建刊26年來該刊物已成為波蘭最重要的專業期刊。從2003年起,期刊《論述》也開始 定期出版學術、科研論文以及藝術評論。

          From 1991 the Academy publishes quarterly magazine ‘Format’, which in its 26 years history, has become the most important professional journal in Poland. From 2003 ‘Dyskurs’ (‘Discourse’) – periodical presenting artistic and scientific research of theorists  and art critics is also being published.



          The Academy is constantly expanding and modernising its infrastructure. In 2012 a new building with the floor area of over 13 000 sqm was opened. It consists of 9 laboratories and 42 studios equipped with state of the art technologies and devices. Glass factory, ceramic stoves for porcelain, metal foundry as well as painting, photographic and design studios form a picture of the Academy today.




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